The Gravity Sprayer will revolutionise the way you deliver sprays to your plants.

Delivering an ultra fine mist which distributes evenly across the whole plant surface, enabling your plant to utilise every last drop.

360 Degree Coverage

The unique gravity technology allows for the controlled distribution of product and can even by used upside down, allowing you to target even the most difficult areas to reach and giving 360 degree coverage.

It also has a time delay on the pump, so you can pump 3 times in quick succession and let the sprayer do the work.

Sprays Heavy Liquids & Oils

The pump is also equipped to spray heavy liquid and oils and due to the inner spray bag will not damage the outer plastic.

The sprayer delivers a strong and prolonged spray for when your plant needs it most.


With an ultra sleek & comfortable design.

320ml Gravity Sprayer