The Amazon’s mesh pots hang down into the misting chamber where nutrient solution is constantly sprayed around the roots. There’s always a perfect balance of nutrient solution and oxygen around the roots so they achieve optimum nutrient solution uptake and growth is explosive.

Propagate aeroponically in an X-Stream propagator or propagate in a coir pellet, either way just transplant straight to the Amazon with a handful of pebbles.

The Amazon is also the most space efficient grow system at just 38cms tall!


Single Amazon Systems available with 4, 8, 16 and 32 plant sites.

Twin Amazon systems available with 8,16 and 32 plant sites.

Systems with 4 or 8 plants are available with small (50mm) or large (80mm) holes.


System Size L x W x H cm No. of Plants 

Single Amazon

82 x 74 x 38.5 4 - 32 

Twin Amazon

165 x 74 x 38 8 - 32

Amazon Complete