Nutrition Manager and Anti-Stress Plant Enhancer
Aids in the uptake of nutrients, strengthens plant structure and increases the plant’s ability to handle various environmental stresses (abiotic & biotic) Regulator is the cornerstone of any plant nutrition program, Regulator increases the absorption and bio-availability of all the nutrient elements, thus by acting as an efficient transporter increases plant strength and health. The patented formula works with natural plant mechanisms to provide the right nutrition in the right amounts at the right time.

Why Use Aptus-Regulator
Resistance against abiotic (environmental: temperature, wind & drought)
Resistance against biotic stress (pests and pathogens)
Improves uptake, absorption and utilization of nutrients
Stronger cell structure and epidermis layer creating stronger plants and thicker stems
Increases dry weight
Reduces and controls the space between internodes caused by temperature stress
Can help to correct unbalanced nutrition
Increases resistance against salinity (nutrient salt buildup)
Reduces transpiration (loss of moisture from the leaves)
How To Use Aptus-Regulator
Regulator is a highly concentrated product (1:6666). A small dosage of 1.5 ml per 10 Ltr of water is enough for large visible effects. Because of the high concentration, Regulator is extremely cost effective to use.

Always mix Regulator in a tank of clean water before mixing other nutrients, boosters or crop protection products. Mix until Regulator is evenly distributed through the water, then continue adding nutrients, boosters or crop protection products.

Make sure that no water or dirt mixes in the Regulator bottle, always use dry and clean syringes, beakers or other measuring equipment when extracting Regulator from its container.

Aptus Regulator