The body and components of the CenturionPro Mini are made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum. The Mini may be small, but it is mighty and can withstand cleaning, moves and regular use with zero issues.


The CenturionPro Mini features our Toro-hardened steel cutting reel with 11 high quality blades - double what the competition offers! The Mini also comes with our magnetic blade technology, which guarantees a consistently sharp blade and the cleanest cut in the industry.

Rugged, Stainless Steel Tumbler

The tumbler on the Mini is constructed out from rugged, 16 gauge, 304 stainless steel - not aluminum. With it's solid design and high capacity tumbler, this machine will out produce any other machine on the market! The tumbler measures measures 25” in length and 6.5” in diameter and has a unique Quantanium coating.


Get 40% greater trichome preservation with our non-stick Quantanium coated tumblers that delicately handle your precious flowers. Toss out those special lubricants and sprays because with this technology, your precious trichomes will not stick to the tumbler.




More Cutting Power

The CenturionPro Mini trimming machine can make a whopping, 25,000 cuts per minute, while running on a 120v power source. The machine also comes with a 1.5hp leaf collector which produces 2000 CFM of pure suction power to ensure the cleanest cut and make clean-up a breeze!

High Processing Capacity

The Mini has the capacity to replace up to 15 human trimmers - without compromising quality. The superior design allows this machine to produce up to 12-16lbs dry produce and 60-80lbs wet product, per hour!

Extra Large Hopper

Each machines come standard with the largest hopper in the industry, making consistent feeding of the machine that much easier.

Finely Tuned Diverter

The Mini utilizes our unique diverter, which allows the user to fine tune airflow and control cut, ensuring the preservation of different strains and densities.

Double bag system

The CenturionPro double bag system is designed for cleanliness, as well as trim collection. This system collects separately, so you don’t waste any of your precious product for further use!




Compact Size

The Mini has a lightweight and compact design that means it is small enough to fit in the trunk of a car, while still being the most powerful personal trimmer on the market.

Easy to set up/tear down

A simple design makes the CenturionPro Mini extremely easy to set-up/tear down. This system requiring only 10 minutes to get going, making it perfect for home grow operations.

Easy to clean

Again, The Mini's simple design means it takes less than 10 minutes to clean. The entire trimmer machine, excluding the tumbler, can be cleaned with a pressure washer. The tumbler is easily cleaned with a soak in warm, soapy water and a quick wipe down.

Easy to fix

We build our machines to be extremely simple with less moving components. This makes the CenturonPro Mini easy to maintain and even fix if anything ever goes wrong.


Despite the name, The CenturionPro Mini is no "small" machine. This trimmer is one of the most sought after trimmers on the market today. As a miniaturized version of the CenturionPro Original, this machine still packs quite the punch! With the anodized aluminum and stainless steel components, the Mini is lightweight and durable and you never have to worry about corrosion. It is perfect for small to medium-size operations with its ability to replace up to 15 human trimmers without sacrificing quality.

Trim wet or dry!

This machine works with both wet and dry flowers and will harvest 12-16 pounds of dry product, or 60-80 pounds of wet, per hour of use. The Mini runs completely off a 120-volt power source and comes inclusive with a 1.5hp leaf collector system with 2000 CFM of suction power. Perhaps the most distinctive quality of The CenturionPro Mini is the 11 high quality blades which are more than double what the competitors offer.

Our Toro hardened steel cutting reel guarantees speed, precision and a consistently sharp cut every time. The magnetic blade holding technology promises a five minute clean-up during operation and a sharp, clean cut every time. This allows the machine to operate at a rapid pace of 25,000+ cuts per minute.

40% greater trichome presevation!

As with the Centurion Original, the Mini also employs our non-stick Quantanium coated tumbler. This component works hard to delicately handle your flowers, providing 40% greater trichome preservation than the competitor. This results in your flowers being visually more appealing with a strong, natural aroma and flavor unique to your plant. Overall, you will find you have a more potent crop due to the natural properties remaining in-tact.

With our covered extra large hopper, consistent feeding of the machine is easy as can be. Consider adding our automatic feeder to have your work finished hours earlier! This is a new addition to the CenturionPro Mini that allows it to run “hands free", therefore reducing the time to run your product by hours per day! Not to mention, freeing up one worker to perform other jobs.

CenturionPro is the only brand of automated trimmers that supplies a unique diverter with each machine. This allows the grower to quickly adjust depending on strain or density of the flowers by fine tuning the flow. The diverter allows the Mini to provide a tight, clean cut finish on your flowers while still maintaining a delicate touch throughout processing. Additionally, the Mini comes with our innovative double-bag system. This system makes it easy to separate trim for future extraction - plus, it makes clean up easy!

The CenturionPro Mini automated trimmer currently ships worldwide to growers who demand quality, durability, privacy and accountability. It also comes with its own high quality tool kit.

Centurion Pro Mini