The DTC Pro is a professional high-speed trimming machine made of high quality materials. Dutch Trimming Company has developed this device to process large amounts of product in a fast, safe and above all, sustainable way. The key aspect in mind while designing this machine is minimal loss of product. Because, unlike other trimming products, this trimming machine is made in Europe, it has a 220-volt connection, guaranteed fast delivery and easy to organize maintenance. Each machine is easy to move thanks to its compact dimensions (90 x 60 x 80 cm) and its weight (70 kg). The machine is supplied with a mobile leaf extractor with a 2HP strong motor (also 220 volts), a dust bag, a waste bag and a 1 metre suction hose.

The DTC Pro is the largest, strongest and most robust trimmer on the market today. Designed specifically for processing large volumes of material. The Pro processes your material delicately but very fast and on a huge scale.

Nicknamed ‘The Beast’, do we need to say more?

DTC Pro Trimmer