A simple device that is deadly to insects. The Insecto All Crawling and Flying Insect Killer Bomb is an automatic release aerosol that once set off will clear a room of any problem pests it comes into contact with from fleas, flies and moths to bed bugs and mosquitoes. Most insects hide away from view and are difficult to control with hand sprays. This product has a specially designed nozzle, which can be turned off mid-spray making it ideal for multiple treatments.

However once the Insecto flea and fly bomb has been released it will penetrate all ‘nooks and crannies’ and kill all the insects in sight and those out of sight. This product is an innovative solution for the toughest pest problems and is one of our best selling products into the professional UK pest control market.

Contains the active ingredient Permethrin 0.50% w/w - suitable for poultry care.

Automatically clears rooms from all known insects
Used by professionals
Easy to use around the home
Targets all flying and crawling insects
Simply remove the security tab and press the nozzle down with a quarter turn clockwise to start automatic release

Flea & Fly Bomb