For growers who want to adapt feed times to plant life stage.

At the feed times, solution is pumped from the tank, filling each outer pot to 8cm below the rim of the inner pot. The plants take up the solution and stale air is pushed out of the root zone. At the end of the timed feed, the solution is pumped back to the water butt, rebalancing the pH and re-oxygenating the root-zone.

All Kits Include:

  • Brain control unit with fill pump, drain pump and water level controllers
  • Choice of inner pots (see below for details)
  • 10 Litre outer pots
  • Water butt - Solid/Flexible (see below for details)
  • Feeding Timer
  • All fittings and pipes


Which Inner Pot to Choose


Aqua Pot

  • 6.5L volume
  • Slotted from top to bottom
  • For use with clay pebbles


Culture Pot

  • 6.5L volume
  • Slotted only on the bottom quarter of the pot
  • For use with soil, coco and mixed media


Punched Pot

  • 10.5L volume
  • Slotted only on the base of the pot
  • For use with any media


What water butt comes with my system?

  • 6 Pot - 100L Solid / 100L Flexi Tank
  • 12 Pot - 250L Solid / 250L Flexi Tank
  • 18 Pot - 250L Solid / 250L Flexi Tank
  • 24 Pot - 350L Solid / 400L Flexi Tank
  • 36 Pot - 350L Solid / 700L Solid Upgrade / 400L Flexi Tank
  • 48 Pot - 700L Solid / 400L Flexi Tank / 750L Flexi Tank Upgrade

IWS Pro Remote Flood & Drain