At last, a weight boosting bloom enhancer that actually does the job it is supposed to!

Increases solid to water ratio for a hard and dense finish
Massive increases to dry flower weight
Increases female flowering sites
PGR Free

Developed specifically to increase your crop’s yield potential, Mighty Bloom Enhancer gives flowering plants exactly what they need to excel and build weight. Mighty Bloom Enhancer encourages more female flowering sites, heavier fruit and even works as a hardener.

When you use MBE to boost your yield, you will send your plant a powerful signal that the time has come to convert all its previous growth and energy storage into bud weight.

When your plant receives this signal, it activates the natural process of taking stored carbohydrates and minerals and moving them to be used by the rapidly expanding flower buds giving them the maximum nutrition and size.

Use with Head Masta to further improve flavors, aromas and the overall quality of your crop.

Mighty Bloom