• A granular organic fertiliser which kills moss, feeds grass and improves the soil all in one. 
  • Does not burn plants in your borders if you should spread it beyond your lawn.
  • The dead moss is actually digested by the bacteria (NPK: 5-5-20) leaving your lawn looking healthier.
  • Does not stain stonework, patios or paths.


Key Features of Mo Bacter:

Unique slow release fertilisers feed for 3 months

Destroys moss by secondary action with no debris

No need to rake out dead material after use

Not harmful to animals or children.

Active Ingredients: 

Nitrogen, phosphate and potash 5-5-20 (+3%MgO) plus a bacteria (bacillus sp) which is found naturally in soil; but when added to fertiliser, consumes dead material like thatch and moss.



MO Bacter Mosskiller