​The perfectpH is a revolutionary pH stabilizer that automatically balances the pH of your
hydroponics system, keeping it in the ideal range for optimal nutrient absorption. 
Using next generation ionization technology, the perfectpH eliminates excess pH swing
that inhibits plant growth and weakens the plants’ immune system. Eliminate chemical
buffers, frequent reservoir changes, pests, wasted water and nutrients, and
dramatically increase yields with the same technology used by NASA. Simply drop into
your reservoir and watch your plants thrive.


How it works

PH maintenance is an essential factor in any hydroponics setup. Without the plants
being naturally rooted in the ground, excess alkalinity builds up in the system, creating a
toxic environment for the plants. The perfect pH solves this by removing the
positively-charged ions that cause this build up,
creating the perfect pH environment for your plants.




Perfect PH