Because these amino acids have been produced by biosynthesis, it was possible for Metrop to determine by itself how much and which amino acids are present.

This means that Metrop Root Plus /amino root stimulator and plant growth stimulator does not only influence the roots, but also the leaves, stem, growth hormome and enzyme production. 

Producing amino acids by biosyntheses ensures that an amino helix is only 700 DA long, in contrast to the 10,000 DA of every other organic product.

A plant cell can absorb a helix with a length not exceeding 1500 DA.
This means that of Metrop Root Plus /amino root stimulator and plant growth stimulator act very fast and have a noticeable effect especially on stressed plants, which can be seen, for example from the leaves.
The Metrop Root Plus /amino root stimulator and plant growth stimulator is a high-quality plant extract containing all amino acids and vitamins necessary for the growth of roots and plant in any medium.

. Stimulates the explosive formation of roots.
. Stimulates the production of root-hairs.
. Increases resistance to diseases.
. Increases resistance to stress.
. Restores stressed cuttings.
. Stimulates the production of root hormones.
. Stimulates the production of enzymes.
. Absorbed directly without the intervention of enzymes.
. Free of heavy metals.

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