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Get ready for a root mass explosion
Our legendary root stimulator creates a massive rootzone fast without changing nutrient solution pH.
The perfect blend of beneficial bacteria, vitamin B complex, cold pressed sea kelp, molasses and seed extracts creates a massive root network that powers plants through vegetative growth much faster.
Breaks-down weak roots – making space for new roots and providing a food source for plants
Cures root rot
Prevents Pythium and other pathogens
Fuels new root growth and branching
Creates a protective film around roots – preventing disease
Isolates germs and prevents them from reproducing
The aluminium canister keeps the temperature constant and prevents light penetration so the organic ingredients and beneficial biology remain healthy.
There are two versions available;Use during vegetative and early floweringstages. Renowned as the most potent root accelerator available – for good reason.
Soil & Coco – Gold canister.
This new formula contains more molasses (can be used in Hydro at half strength).
Hydro – Silver canister. Original formula.
At 3ml per 10 Litres – excellent value.

Roots Excelurator