This lighting system includes a Sol-Digital 315w SuperBRIGHT CDM Ballast, CDM Reflector and a Philips MASTERColor CDM 930 Agro 315w lamp. 

The SuperBRIGHT Ballast is suitable for use with only 315w CDM/CMH lamps, has a 2 meter mains power cable and IEC connection to suit all types of reflectors. The ballast has a sealed, powder coated stainless steel enclosure that can be wall mounted and as an added safety feature the whole unit is fuse protected to safe guard against short circuits.

The Super Nova Reflector & SuperBRIGHT CDM reflectors* are lightweight, highly polished, closed ended reflectors offering excellent light distribution and penetration and brilliant value for money.

2 year warranty on ballast.


*Only one reflector is given with the kit.

Sol-Digital 315w SuperBRIGHT CDM Kit