The Spin Pro Powermatic is the most efficient medium sized automatic trimmer on the market today, it’s robust design and heavy duty electric motor makes the Spin Pro Powermatic an excellent upgrade for larger projects than those designed for the hand trimmer. The SpinPro Powermatic is constructed of the highest quality medical grade stainless steel and the rubber pieces are made of the highest quality food grade rubber. With this powerful machine, even bigger projects are finished in a snap! It works on the same principal as the Original hand trimmer, but is a lot more heavy duty as it is powered by a 230v motor meaning the endless hours of trimming are even more effortless. The chamber below the rubber rotating strips can hold up to 115grams, twice the quantity of the bowl trimmer and works twice as fast. The heavy duty stainless steel flat blades, designed specifically for the Powermatic are laser cut for precision and ensures extremely accurate trimming with the confidence of a strong, durable trim. They are extremely thin for the most definite of cutting!Used for the removal of protruding leaves and roots, for the preparation of plants for essential oils and the mixture of flower petals for potpourri or aromatherapy, this is the best trimmer on the market for the project size.As well as the trimmer, you receive the collection bag and 1 stainless steel, laser cut Powermatic blade. And of course, all replacement blades can be bought direct from our website Here.

This machine is extremely popular, and is trusted by horticultural experts all across the world so you can have complete faith in the SpinPro Powermatic! Works on 230v and includes UK, Swiss and European power plugs.

Spin Pro Powermatic


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