The SpinPro Trimmers Original Trimmer is made up of two main components. The top detaches from the bottom half revealing the inside of the bowl. Inside consists of a stainless steel bowl with a metal grill covering the top. This is where you should be putting your product when trimming. Underneath the grill is a trimming wire which is attached at the middle and connects onto the vertical spindle in the centre. The top half, also made of the best medical grade stainless steel, consists of a metal bowl shape which acts as the lid.

Inside the lid are several rubber fins which turn the plant over as the blade underneath the grill trims, ensuring a consistent and accurate cut. The handle on top of the lid is used to crank the SpinPro into action, turning the center mechanism which spins the blades underneath at speed, whilst keeping the rubber fins turning at a more delicate rate. It is best to turn the handle at medium speed as to ensure fast trimming, whilst allowing the machine to work delicately over your product.

The amount of time needed depends on the quantity that you are trimming. A litre at a time is the recommended amount at each time and should take about 10 turns of the handle before the plant is fully trimmed.

When trimming is complete, simply remove the lid, and your product will be sat above the stainless steel grill, for you to simply remove by hand. Then lifting the center component (grill, blades and rubber separator) reveals all the fine material at the bottom of the bowl. What you are left with is your extremely accurately trimmed product, and the fine leaf trimmings at the bottom. Due to the shape of the SpinPro, you can fit several batches of trimmings in the bottom bowl before needing to empty it making it an extremely efficient bit of kit!

SpinPro Trimmers turn 4 hours of hand trimming using scissors, into 10 minutes work. The SpinPro is a remarkable and extremely popular product, at a very reasonable price and will save you hours of labor!

The Original Spin Pro


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