This is reasonably rich, peat based, fertiliser that is broadly viewed as a perfect manure blend for both seed sowing just as potting on. It is reasonably for use in Borders and containers, beds, and is additionally an ideal Medium for fruits, flowers and even vegetables. 

This is 100 percent all naturally mixed as well as all-purpose compost that can convey outstanding outcomes right from seed to the cultivation of the shrub.

It is considered to be ideal for seed sowing just as preparing on beds and borders. Aside from that it can likewise be utilised in containers, baskets and other assorted fruit and vegetables. It contains ocean growth in order to advance foundation and (consequent) blossoming of the plants. It is esteemed perfect for pots, bushels, hanging crates, just as different holders of a comparable sort.

60L Bag

Westland Jack's Magic All Purpose Compost